Yuvraj Singh asks for opinion on Shiva Singh, gets roasted by Kevin Pietersen

Shiva Singh's bizarre bowling run-up has divided cricket fraternity in two sides.

Yuvraj Singh and Kevin Pietersen | GETTY

Shiva Singh's unorthodox bowling action has become a topic of debate in the cricket world. While batsman invents new shots to surprise the bowlers, the Uttar Pradesh bowler did the same but wasn't allowed to continue as the ball was called dead.

Playing in a CK Nayudu Trophy match, Shiva tried to distract the batsman with his unusual bowing run-up which umpires didn't like. It was signaled as a dead ball because the bowler took a full 360-degree twirl in his run-up.

The incident happened during a match between Bengal and Uttar Pradesh in Kalyani. The bowler and captain of Uttar Pradesh even tried to have a chat with umpires but they refused to change their decision.

More than on the field, the delivery stunned cricketers who are off the field. Yuvraj Singh, the Indian cricketer, shared the video on his Instagram account asking if the ball was legal or not. While famous Bollywood rapper Badhshah believes it's legal, Kevin Pietersen called the bowler a pie-chucker.

Well, the 'pie-chucker' comment from Pietersen looks like a dig at Yuvraj. Those who remember, back in 2008, Pietersen had called Yuvraj a pie-chucker. "When the ball is swinging and seaming and you've got a guy like Zaheer Khan, who is one of the best bowlers I've ever faced, not bowling at you and you've got a pie-chucker like Yuvraj Singh bowling at you I really don't mind," said Pietersen. "When you get left-arm filth like that it makes you feel really good."

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Legal delivery or no ?? ????????????????????????????????????????

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By Sihyeu Singh - 09 Nov, 2018

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