Virat Kohli advices trolls to do something productive in their idle time

Kohli will resume cricket when India tour Australia later this month.

Virat Kohli | Getty

Even though Virat Kohli is out of action from the ongoing T20I series between India and West Indies, he is grabbing the headlines on daily basis.

After being criticized for asking an Indian fan to leave the country for not liking Indian cricketers, Kohli responded to plenty more mean tweets in that same 5-minute long video uploaded on his recently launched official app.

Among the ones who received flak from Virat was the stand-up comedian Atul Khatri. When Kohli along with his wife Anushka Sharma had gone to invite PM Narendra Modi for their wedding, Khatri had posted a meme on Instagram, saying: “#Virushka submitting their Aadhaar card & KYC forms to Modi directly.”

Reacting on that post, Kohli replied: “I am sure there is a lot of idle time that you guys have. Find something productive to do. One picture comes and you all think of ten different scenarios. We only went to give our wedding invitations. But, nice imagination, bro.”

The next person facing Kohli’s wrath was former South African spinner Paul Harris, who had tweeted earlier this year: “I saw Virat Kohli behave like a clown.”

Virat Kohli’s retort to Harris’ tweet was: “Who is this Paul Harris: looks like a cricketer?”

The Indian captain took a comment Twitter user named Abhishek Jatav (with the handle YOYOHISAAB) to the task. Abhishek had commented in one of Kohli’s picture: “Bandar lag raha hai bhai, but love you. (You look like a monkey, but I love you.)” To which Kohli burst into laughter and then said: “Guess, he likes monkeys.”

Kohli is currently rested for the ongoing T20I series against the Windies. In the recently concluded five-match ODI series against the West Indies, Virat ensured India won 3-1, scoring three back-to-back hundreds. He will resume cricket when India tour Australia later this month, starting with the T20I series on November 21.

(With inputs from Yahoo Cricket)


By Salman Anjum - 08 Nov, 2018

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