WATCH: Pakistan's Azhar Ali gets comically runout; as he thinks ball has gone for four and has mid pitch convo

The incident happened during Pakistan and Australia in UAE.

Azhar Ali run-out | Screengrab

The first Test match between Pakistan and Australia was a thriller one, but the second one is gradually leaning towards Pakistan as they have a lead of over 300 with two more days to go.

Amidst an intense battle between bat and ball, cricketers had a light-hearted moment, Australian players, to be precise. 

Pakistan batsman Azhar Ali was run-out after a huge mix-up. It might look comical for us, but surely a facepalm moment for the Pakistan cricket team. 

Azhar edged the ball through the gully thought it has gone for a boundary. Both batsman, Asad Shafiq and Ali, were even having a chat standing in the middle. But unfortunately, the ball hadn't reached the boundary. Mitchell Starc quickly collected the ball and threw it to the keeper's end which resulted in Azhar's dismissal.

Cricket just crossed the boundary of hilariousness when the ball didn't. Here is the video: 


By Sihyeu Singh - 18 Oct, 2018

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