WATCH: S Sreesanth threatens to leave Bigg Boss after Salman Khan slammed him for personal comments

Sreesanth had made some personal comments on his housemates.

Salman Khan and S Sreesanth had a tiff on Bigg Boss

S Sreesanth has once again threatened to leave the reality show Big Boss after he got slammed by the Bollywood star and host Salman Khan for making personal comments on the housemates.

Salman explained that making comment on someone's upbringing drags their family members in the discussion which is bad. In his defense, Sreesanth said it came out in anger and he didn't mean it.

But he couldn't take Salman's words and later added even his parents are good, but he's not, and that he doesn't want to talk about the issue anymore. As per the pre-show glimpse, Sreesanth also expressed about his intention to not be part of the show anymore.

The former India cricketer has often lost his temper during his playing days. Thumping the pitch after taking Matthew Hayden's wicket in World T20 2007 semifinal or teasing Andrew Symonds after sending him back, Sreesanth has always expressed his emotions on the field.

Who can forget his six right over Andre Nel's head against South Africa? It's a perfect example he fails to hold his anger inside.

Here is the video of Salman's segment from the Weekend ka Vaar: 


By Sihyeu Singh - 23 Sep, 2018

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