WATCH: Former Pakistan cricketer Abdul Razzaq shared a video after being declared dead on social media

Razzaq took Twitter to clear the rumors spread on various social media platforms.

Abdul Razzaq | GETTY

Social media spreads rumor faster than MS Dhoni's gloves behind the stumps. One more such incident happened on Tuesday when rumors said that the former Pakistan cricketer Abdul Razzaq was found dead after an accident. 

When the rumors caught fire and people started believing in it, the cricketer himself had to share a video from his official account and clear the air. He was upset with the rumor and said he is completely fine and news about his death spread on Facebook is false.

“Hi everyone, I am Abdul Razzaq. Someone has spread the rumors on Facebook stating that I died in an accident. This is not called for and no one has the right to spread such fake news. Such rumors should not be spread on social media. I am very much fit and fine by the grace of God,” he said.

Not too long when the social media had declared another Pakistan cricketer Umar Akmal dead. Picture of a guy looking facially close to Akmal was spread on social media claiming that the cricketer was found dead in hospital after being beaten in a political rally.


By Sihyeu Singh - 11 Jul, 2018

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