WATCH: Bhuvneshwar Kumar reveals the 'Relationship Guru' side of Shikhar Dhawan

Shikhar Dhawan had given marriage advice to Bhuvneshwar before the pacer tied the knot.

Bhuvneshwar Kumar and Shikhar Dhawan | Youtube

Indian pacer Bhuvneshwar Kumar seeks for advice from Shikhar Dhawan about married life. The Uttar Pradesh cricketer revealed in a talk show, 'What the Duck'. 

Kumar said that he had not taken Shikhar seriously before the marriage, but his words started making sense after a time in his married life.

"Remember, we had made a video before he (Bhuvneshwar) got married. In the video, he's about to eat a Motichoor Ladoo. Only after eating it, he will know what happens and what not. Now he realizes it," said Dhawan.

Bhuvi revealed why he likes to sit with Shikhar and ask for various advice. He said the southpaw is ever happy guy and he keeps smiling no matter the situation. 

"Whenever you are near him, you get positive vibes. You feel he's always happy, doesn't have problems in life. So one good thing is that whenever you go to him, you are happy. You feel good when you go to him."

Is Bhuvneshwar really too shy? Not at all, says Dhawan during the talk show. "You ask the whole team, he looks very decent and innocent. He sure has an innocent face but he is very sharp with his tongue. The place he comes from, everyone is quick-witted. Quick-witted as in, his timing at giving a piece of himself, that's very sharp," said the Indian opener.

"Bhuvi sirf bhola dikhta hai. But I hope all my marriage advice is helpful for chappal chor @BhuviOfficial ???? Maja aya on #WhatTheDuck3 with @vikramsathaye to talk about cricket and life. Watch the episode here  and tell me your favorite moment ????," Dhawan wrote sharing the video on Twitter.

Bhuvneshwar Kumar tweeted acknowledging Dhawan always has good relationship advice. "I know @SDhawan25 forgets a lot but thankfully he gives good marriage advice  ???? Bohot enjoy kiya chatting with you and @vikramsathaye on #WhatTheDuck3 Watch the show and tell your favorite part! #YouTubeCricketStories," he tweeted. 


By Sihyeu Singh - 03 Jul, 2018

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