Shane Warne mesmerized by 7-year-old leg-spin sensation Eli Mikal Khan

Eli Mikal Khan is from Quetta, Pakistan and he wants to become like Shane Warne in the future.

Eli Mikal Khan cried while interacting with Shane Warne | Screengrab

Shane Keith Warne is widely regarded as the greatest spinner to have played the game of cricket. Warne revolutionized cricket with his mastery of leg spin, which many cricket experts had come to think as a dying art due to its immense difficulty of execution.

Warne was the first bowler ever to claim 700 Test wickets. He finished his career by taking 708 wickets in 145 Tests and 293 wickets in 194 ODIs. No wonder, the Aussie spin king is idolized by the budding spinners world over.  

Earlier this year, a kid from Pakistan named Eli Mikal Khan had expressed his admiration for Warne. In a viral video, the 7-year-old Eli was seen imitating Warne’s bowling action. Cricket fans took note of his skills and consequently the legendary leggie also saw the clip.

Recently, Eli got the opportunity to interact with his bowling hero that left him speechless while Warne was also blown by the little kid’s talent.

Taking to Twitter, Warne, on Monday (July 2) wrote: “This was such a special moment for me and young Eli. He is such a wonderful young boy - please give the little guy your vote as he deserves it! Keep up the great work buddy ! Thankyou for your vote followers #LaureusSportingMoment”.

“I couldn’t believe he is talking to me. It is an honour for me that people call me little Shane Warne. I want to become [just like] Shane Warne in the future. I want to wear the green shirt one day and represent Pakistan,” Eli said on his interaction with Warne.

Replying to Warne’s tweet, Eli wrote: “Thank you Sir for making my life.”

The spin king then retorted by tweeting: “Awwwww. You’re a great young boy and it’s my pleasure Eli - keep up the great work my friend ! #spintowin”.

Warne himself was surprised when he first saw the video on social media. Speaking of it, the spin legend said: “I saw this video and I though ‘wow how good is this’. And he is seven years of age.”


By Salman Anjum - 03 Jul, 2018

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