Alex Hartley agrees to go on a date with a fan but a special condition applies

English cricketer Hartley surprised the fan with her reply.

Alex Hartley.  | Jason O'Brien/Getty Images

Social media has made the interaction between fans and cricketers easy. Especially Twitter, through which lucky fans even get to meet their favorite cricketers.

Recently, Alexandra Hartley, the English women's cricketer surprised a fan, named Sahil Mehan, when she said going on coffee would be possible after the guy expressed he wants to date her. Though, there was a special condition. Hartley asked Sahil to score three-pointers like basketball player Stephen Curry. 

Now, all Sahil's friends who read the conversation on Twitter know where to find him when he goes missing. Yes, the basketball court. 

"If you can score three pointers like him I’ll take you for a coffee," tweeted Hartley after the proposal. 

The guy promised he will learn basketball and practice harder to get it done. "Who would have thought playing Basketball could get you a Date with Alex ????????????‍♂️#IShouldHavePlayedBasketBallNotCricketInSchool ???? Anyway Gonna learn Basketball quickly now ????????," the Twitter user tweeted.

Hartley was in the World Cup 2017 winning England women's team. In December 2017, she was also named as one of the players in the ICC Women's ODI Team of the Year. 


By Sihyeu Singh - 01 Jul, 2018

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