Mohammad Yousuf gets roasted for his gaffe on Twitter

Yousuf made a mistake while sharing a picture with his son.

Mohammad Yousuf | GETTY

Pakistan cricketer Mohammad Yousuf was on target of trolls after making a goof up on Twitter. Yousuf tweeted a picture of him with his son but the caption confused the fans.

Twitterati love seeing celebrities making blunders on the social media. That keeps them busy and entertained. They got one more reason to keep themselves engaged on Thursday when Yousuf shared a picture and wrote, "Me and my father in newcastle."

The caption went completely wrong as it was his son with him and not father. Few Twitter users guessed that the picture was tweeted by Yousuf's son on his account and hence the mistake.

'No Mercy' is Twitter's moto and keeping it in mind, they went on to roast the former Pakistan batsman. Here are the tweets:

Yousuf was one of the most successful Pakistan batsmen. He scored 7,530 runs in 90 Test matches and 9,720 in 288 ODIs. His average in Test was 52.29 with 24 hundred. 


By Sihyeu Singh - 29 Jun, 2018

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