Stuart Binny once again gets trapped into the trolling zone of Twitterati

Binny was roasted after Rajasthan Royals posted a video of his interview.

Stuart Binny | GETTY

Stuart Binny is one of the most 'popular' cricketers on social media. The trolls love him for obvious reasons and no matter what, whenever he plays his name mostly pops up in the trending section. 

The cricketer often faces the fire of Twitterati, who believe that he does not deliver enough noteworthy performances and still gets more than deserving chances over other players. Recently, he got roasted again on Twitter.

Binny, who plays for Rajasthan Royals in IPL, shared his cricket journey on the official page of the IPL franchise. "For me, cricket started when I was nine-years-old. School cricket is where it all started for me. I came from a cricketing background. My father played test cricket, hence cricket came naturally and easily to me. My father, at that time, had an academy that he used to run in Bangalore. I used to go very often every morning actually, to the academy to practice. That is where cricket started for me," Binny said in the video.

Talking about his inspiration and hero of the game, the all-rounder named his father, Roger Binny as his role model. Binny added that his father has always taken interest in his cricket and he has followed his game from childhood. 

Apparently, more than watching the interview, the Twitterati were eager to roast Binny. As expected, some of them did have a go at him in the replies section.

Here are few tweets: 

We can smell sarcasm..



By Sihyeu Singh - 27 Jun, 2018

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