WATCH: Michael Hussey shares the story behind his name 'Mr. Cricket'

Hussey appeared in the show 'Bhajji Blast' hosted by Indian cricketer Harbhajan Singh.

Michael Hussey with Harbhajan Singh | Youtube/Bhajji Blast

Harbhajan Singh hosted Michael Hussey in the show 'Bhajji Blast'. The Indian cricketer gave 'No Sledging' award to Hussey and said it's a bit surprising he is giving this award to an Australian. On this, the Australian jokingly said is he really an Aussie, receiving this award.

Hussey also talked about an incident when Harbhajan tried to get a reaction from him by rubbing his shoulder, but he didn't give him a reply as it would have affected his game.

The 43-year-old is few of the Australian players who have hardly sledged in his international cricket career. Hussey said the reason is it may come back haunting you. He had once sledged two cricketers and both went on to score big hundreds, so after that day, Hussey decided to keep himself away from verbal wars.

Called as 'Mr. Cricket', Hussey said he don't like the tag because there are more deserving players to be called so. The former Aussie cricketer revealed the story behind this name. He was given this tag by former English cricketer Andrew Flintoff while playing county cricket for Durham. The game was against Lancashire and they were playing at the Old Transford in a cold, wet miserable day, as described by Hussey. He added that no one wanted to go out there and play, but he showed enthusiasm and that made Flintoff name him Mr.Cricket.

Harbhajan Singh thinks it was the right name for Hussey. The off-spinner also discussed an incident when the southpaw wasn't getting out against India and he had put a price on his wicket. Harbhajan eventually got him out, but at that time the Punjab cricketer had got respect for him.

Here is the full episode of Bhajji Blast with Hussey:


By Sihyeu Singh - 26 Jun, 2018

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