WATCH: Netmeds brand ambassador MS Dhoni shoots for television commercial

Dhoni was appointed as brand ambassador of online pharmacy company last month.

MS Dhoni had been associated with Netmeds for last one month.

Former India cricketer MS Dhoni was seen in the latest commercial of online pharmacy company Netmeds. Dhoni was roped as the brand ambassador of the Indian pharma company in May.

Netmeds produces its own ad campaigns without an ad agency attachment. Dhoni said on his role, “It was a pleasure to work with everyone from Netmeds and was actually fun to recreate the boardroom setting and then to add a nice surprising twist at the end. I do believe Netmeds is a game-changer and I’m glad to support any effort that will make the country healthier.“ 

After appointing Dhoni as brand ambassador, Pradeep Dadha, CEO, Netmeds, said “At Netmeds, we believe we have embarked on a journey, and with him on board, we’re even more excited about the road that lies ahead. When you’re out to beat a tough competitor, Dhoni is the leader you want on your team. Chronic disease is a tough competitor, and we want people to know that we intend to be the team member that helps them win the fight. And he embodies all the core values upon which we have built Netmeds.”

Dhoni had agreed to become the face of the company after trusting in them. “I really believe in Netmeds and what they are doing. Making important medicine more available and affordable is a great thing for the country, and Netmeds is one the mainstays in the space. They have a long legacy in the pharma business and they are making it easier for people to stay healthy. I know what it’s like to be away from the family and I can trust Netmeds to help me look after my loved ones, no matter where I am," the Indian cricketer said after being appointed as the brand ambassador of Netmeds. 


By Sihyeu Singh - 23 Jun, 2018

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