Arrhan Singh and his family fears for their lives after Virat-Anushka 'garbage' incident

Virat had shared a video of Anushka Sharma scolding a man for throwing garbage on the road.

Arrhan Singh and Anushka Sharma

Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli's step towards making India clean has become a trouble for someone else. The couple faced criticism for not hiding the identity of the person who threw garbage on the road before sharing the video on social media. 

Arrhan Singh, the man facing backlash on social media for littering on road, opened up about the incident and its impact on his life.

As per the quotes of Mid-Day, Arrhan thinks Virat should have blurred his face before sharing video. "What happened was a genuinely unfortunate incident. That, however, did not warrant a video recording without my consent and public bashing," he said.

Adding that they don't want to make it a controversy, he said, "I come from a non-controversial and peace-loving family, but this incident and the threats that have followed have endangered my life and left me and my family shaken. My family members and I are living in fear of our safety." 

Arrhan's mother, Gittanjali Elizabeth spoke about the incident. She fears for her family's life and says they are going through a nightmare. "We're going through a nightmare. The kind of threatening and derogatory comments against my son and family have been traumatising...How can a tiny piece of cellophane justify my son being labelled as a "garbage man" "litterer" "criminal" "he and his family should be kicked out of the country", etc. How is this fair?"

Gittanjali is unhappy with the way Anushka chose to send across her message of cleanliness. "I would politely request the person not to litter and request them to pick up the garbage and put it in a dustbin. I might even video the trash thrown and put it up and request others to not litter but I would not shoot an unsuspecting persons face and expose them to public hatred and hostility," she added.

(With inputs of Mid-Day) 


By Sihyeu Singh - 20 Jun, 2018

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