Watch – Brett Lee goes under disguise to play cricket on local grounds

Brett Lee is one of the commentators for the IPL 2018.

Brett Lee

Star Sports are broadcasting the Indian Premier League for the first time and have decided to have many things that make their programming different to that of the previous broadcaster.

Commentators being employed by the broadcaster are having lots of fun in order to make the viewers’ experience. Brett Lee was recently seen going under disguise in order to play cricket with some local children.

Lee was made to look like a rugged old man, complete with a long white beard and mustache, along with a long hair. He wore dirty clothes and spoke in broken Hindi. The children on the ground taught him basics of cricket and then Lee surprised the kids with his cricketing skills.

Lee then removed his disguise and was swarmed with young cricketers for autographs, which he gave enthusiastically.

Watch Brett Lee as an old man here:


By Jatin Sharma - 27 Apr, 2018

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