WATCH: Virat Kohli hosted a hilarious 60 seconds quiz with his RCB mates

Kohli shared the video on Twitter with his fans and followers.

Virat Kohli | Twitter

Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) skipper has come up with a unique game show in promotion of his brand WROGN. It is basically a quiz game with a twist.

In Virat's quiz, the two competitors have to answer even before the question is asked. Then, if it matches with the answer, that participant gets a point. Eventually, whoever scores more wins.

The two competitors for Virat's first episode for 'Wrogn In 60 Seconds' were Brendon McCullum and RCB bowling coach and former India cricketer Ashish Nehra. 

They were asked 4 questions in 60 seconds and in the end, the former Kiwi skipper took the lead of one point to win the game. He will compete with Yuzvendra Chahal in round 2.

Nehra and McCullum aka Baz had to choose between, Naagin Dance, Sleep, Spy, Gangnam Style and Eat Lunch for the first question. The answers by the two were hilarious. After Virat revealed the question, "What do you do at night?", the former India pacer answered showed he had written "Naagin Dance" and McCullum "Spy".

The options for the second question were: Yuzvenra Chahal, Bruce Wayne, Rajnikanth, Govinda, and Ashish Nehra. The answer to the second question was funnier. Virat read the question, "What is Batman's real identity?" and both the RCBians disclosed their answer. Nehra wrote, 'Rajinikanth', while McCullum wrote 'Yuzvendra Chahal'. 

McCullum won the quiz after his answer synced well with for the last question.

Sharing the video, Virat wrote, "Guys, the madness has begun. Catch me and my #RCB pals in round one of #WrognIn60Seconds right here. #StayWrogn @StayWrogn."

Here is the full video: 



By Sihyeu Singh - 19 Apr, 2018

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