Andrew Flintoff couldn't fit into his new £100,000 Lamborghini

Flintoff ranted about it on Instagram.

Andrew Flintoff | Instagram

Former England cricketer Andrew Flintoff bought a £100,000 Lamborghini, but despite spending too much, he isn't having a comfortable drive. The cricketer funnily revealed he faced problem getting inside the car. 

6' 4" Flintoff, who explained his problem to The Sun said that he had to cut his hair because it touched the roof. He also faced problem using the indicators as his knees got stuck.

"If I try and use the indicator, it gets stuck on my knee. I have had to cut my hair because the roof was squashing my fringe. I love driving it but when I get out I don't half feel like a k***head. The seats don't move back, so I'm sat bolt upright. My a*** is wedged in it. I need a tin opener to get out," he said. 

Flintoff later added a rant about lack of space. "If I do my supermarket shop, I can possibly fit some bread and a pint of milk in the boot," he added.

"It's at the front and took me three weeks to realize how to open it."

However small, Flintoff's new Lambo will be an improvement on the Mini - belonging to former footballer Robbie Savage - that left him stranded on Sunday.


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By Sihyeu Singh - 09 Apr, 2018

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