Watch: Sourav Ganguly gives a tour of his house

Ganguly has spent his childhood in a lavish house.

Sourav Ganguly | Asian Paints/Youtube

Sourav Ganguly's house is one of the luxurious houses you would ever see. It is a palatial hosue with beautiful interior design. The former India skipper has spent his childhood there. 

The President of the Cricket Association of Bengal (CAB) spoke how his house gives him the best feeling in the video released by Asian Paints. He can be seen giving a tour of his house in the video. 

Ganguly explained what makes a home a home and also the feeling he gets when he enters in his house.

"This is where I have spent 44 years of my life. it's a comfort feeling when you enter this arena; as you enter the gate and walk down the driveway and up into your room. It's a relaxing and comfort feeling and most importantly, it's also the people who are at home which make a home a home," said Ganguly.

Ganguly showed the living room where he watches cricket and tries to stay in touch with the game. 

"Well, this is the living area where we spend a lot of time and when you watch the TV at the back. This is where we watch a  lot of cricket. I am still involved with the game, I may not be playing, you don't play forever but you still remain involved in the game. Many moments of life was in this room," he said.

He also took his fans to the room which has memories of his father and his initial cricketing days. 

Here is the full video: 


By Sihyeu Singh - 17 Mar, 2018

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