Ranji Trophy 2017/18: Vidarbha opener Faiz Fazal shares his diet plans and current form

Faiz Fazal is behind Mayank Agarwal in most rungetters list with over 800 runs.

Faiz Fazal

Opener Faiz Fazal has been one of the primary reasons why Vidarbha reached the quarterfinals of the ongoing Ranji Trophy 2017/18.

Fazal is currently at the second spot in the highest run getters list this season, after a scintillating 119 against Kerala in the ongoing QF match.

Fazal, who has played for India in ODIs last year, said that he had to bring in some changes to reap rich rewards after a drought in last year’s domestic season.

The biggest change came in form of dietary restrictions and cooking methods. Fazal says, “Nothing too demanding. Mere liye everything is cooked in olive oil. It’s not a very complicated or elaborate diet. It’s just ‘zero sweet and zero wheat’. I was never one to overeat anyway. But earlier, I would eat like everyone else.

Thanks to his century, Vidarbha have assured their spot in the semi-finals of the ongoing Ranji Trophy, after a lead of 501 runs over Kerala.  Fazal also shared how his wife keeps him up to date on what his fellow players are doing in the Ranji Trophy.

She isn’t a cricket fan but follows my scores religiously. She’s even downloaded the bcci.tv app on her phone to keep a check on how much I’ve scored. And often she’ll message me and say ‘Mayank has scored a century, why haven’t you?’” says Fazal laughing.

After having played for so long, I know my game and I will stick to it. So it had to be a mental thing and also my fitness, which had to start with what I was eating,” he says.

Fazal, who played for India last year under MS Dhoni is looking forward to add to the number of international matches and realizing his ultimate dream.  




By Jatin Sharma - 11 Dec, 2017

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