"The instruction was to open up and play freely."- Nair

Maiden Test Hundreds are always a special feat, but converting it into a big hundred is always icing on the cake, for Karun Nair, who came into the Test Team after Rohit Sharma was injured, and missed the opportunity at Mohali and later in Mumbai to leave an impression, was under enormous pressure. India had lost couple of quick Wickets, momentum seemed to have shifted towards England, in form Virat Kohli was out of the equation and what not there was a score board pressure as India was trailing by over 250 runs. However, Karun Nair with KL Rahul first helped India rebuild the innings and later slammed his maiden Test century, later he converted it into a Triple Hundred and helped India to a lead of 282, which proved to be enough to bowl England out on Final day of  5th Test.

Speaking to India Today, Karun Nair talked about feeling of scoring a Test Hundred,  

Karun Nair in a a press conference after scoring 300, said it will take couple of days for feeling to sink in, and after couple of days, Karun Nair reckons,  "There has been little time. I have not had much time to think about it. There is another game to play next, the Ranji quarters. When I take some more time off, it will begin to sink in. But everything is going great now with support from the family and team management."

Speaking on success that he is getting after scoring triple hundred, he said, "I am getting many more whatsapp messages and selfie requests,  than usual. I am quite enjoying it. I appreciate it and thank everyone for the love."

Karun Nair on 19th December became the third batsman in history to convert maiden 100 into a triple hundred, and now shares the name with Sir Garfield Sobers and Bob Simpson speaking on which Nair humbly said, "When people start talking about it, you realise the enormity of this. When people come to you and say how big this is, you realize."

Speaking on his strokeplay ability, which helped Nair to score 232 in a single day. Nair said, "I have always had strokes. The situation here was simple as well. Once I got to 100, I had to make sure the team got to their score and take a lead. The team had given me instructions which actually helped me get to 300."

Speaking on at what time did he started thinking about his Triple hundred, Nair reveals "I was batting on 230 when the team gave out instructions that we would like to have a bowl. I got to 280 in no time. That's when Ravindra Jadeja, my batting partner, told me this was the chance to get 300 and I should play for it. That's when I thought I could do it."

In past we have often seen batsman getting nervous in 90s, did Nair get nervous in 290s, well he adds, "Getting to the first 100 was tough. Once I have achieved that, it was smooth sailing. I was nervous about the first 100. Then I was calm and trying to make it as big as possible,"

While Nair was able to get to his 300, Rahul missed his 200, as he was caught at 199, speaking on Rahul's dismissal, Nair said, "It's very disappointing when you see your teammate miss out. I was at other end and you could see the disappointment on his face. Obviously, when you have seen that, you don't want that to happen to you. So it was on my mind when I was on 190. I was lucky enough to come through that and I could go further."

While Karun Nair reached his Triple, one man seemed to be more happy than Karun Nair, and it was none other than Virat Kohli, who had mixup with Nair on Nair's debut in Mohali, reflecting back on his run out dismissal, Nair adds, Virat did apologized to him, "It happened. There is nothing you could say. He did say sorry to me. But you don't want to take it forward it. You move on."

Speaking on dressing room reaction, Nair said " Everyone was very happy to receive me. I appreciate that. I could see that on their faces. I am happy to belong to a dressing room where players are happy for each other's success. After the 300, it was normal. Just congratulatory stuff. We had a match to win the next day. After the win, we celebrated. It was a good night."

While the famous Sachin-Scoop, that Karun played grabbed a lot of attention, "I have worked hard on that shot, this year in particular. When I played it for Delhi Daredevils in the IPL, Rahul Dravid sir came up to me and said this is the shot I have to work on. So I have continued to work on it."

Talking about his idol Rahul Dravid, Karun adds, "As a child growing up he has always been an idol and I have been lucky enough that I got a chance to work with him from Rajasthan Royals to Delhi Daredevils to India A. He has always been a great help. He has helped me in tough and good times. He's someone I can go back to whenever I need to work on something in my game."

Despite scoring a triple hundred, Nair's spot in the Team is not a guarantee as when the senior members make their way back into the Team, youngster will need to make few sacrifices. speaking on the healthy competition in the team, Nair explains, "there is always competition. It's about grabbing your chances from the opportunities you get. As far I am concerned, that's what I have looked to do, to make the most of my chances. After that, selection is not in my hands. We all try to win matches for the team. We are a young batting group. There are smiles on everyone's faces when we get runs. We are a good bunch of people."

Karun Nair also reveals that it was Anil Kumble who asked his mother and father to be present on Day 3 and Day 4 at Chennai as he concludes, "Actually Anil sir asked my parents to come for the match before the game. I am happy my parents could make it. They were proud parents when I got there."


By Rashmi Nanda - 23 Dec, 2016

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