Farzi Times finds out which cricketer will rule which state if turned into a politician?

Virat Kohli won't be the Prime Minister, he is replaced by his senior.

MS Dhoni, Ravi Shastri and Virat Kohli having a laugh | GETTY

A cricket crazy nation like India would not hesitate if a cricketer is asked to run this country. They love them and trust their decisions more than we trust switch off option in our gadget, that everything will be fine when we switch it back on. Ever thought what will happen if cricketers turn into politicians, and which cricketer will rule which Indian state? Well, you don't need to because we have got it done for you. Without any second thought, Delhi will be given to Virat Kohli and the central government will be under MS Dhoni. We know Virat is skipper of Indian team but understand the situation here.

Poor Virat, he won't have the control over half of the things in Delhi despite being the Chief Minister. Center will control most of the part. But here the only difference from the actual scenario in Delhi is that the CM won't cry for whole power, instead, both central and Delhi government will work unitedly to make it better. This may sound familiar for Indian cricket fans, but not for political parties.

Our most talented CM, Rohit Sharma will rule Tamil Nadu just because it is closer to Sri Lanka. He will make sure the state has good 'roads'. But bad news for kids, there will be no 'swing' in the parks, exactly how Rohit likes.

The way poor lad Dinesh Karthik is ignored in the Indian team, no surprise he is going to get one of the seven north-east states of India as CM. Just like Karthik gets attention after his valuable knocks but later gets overlooked, North East of India has also produced many athletes but an average Indian only remembers it while having a cup of tea.

For a change, we may see an Indian ruling West Bengal. But there are high chances Shakib-Al-Hasan will get to sit on the CM seat in Bengal. Though, unlike cricket, Shakib won't catch anyone crossing boundaries here. That's how things go.

If Gautam Gambhir was in power he would have handed over Jammu and Kashmir to R Ashwin. But it would be better to try Jasprit Bumrah there for surgical strikes. He loves crossing the line. The good thing here is, crossing line won't benefit Pakistan this time.

Neymar isn't a cricketer or we would have made him CM of Kar-Nataka. Suits well with his gameplay. 

For the coach of Indian cricket team, Ravi Shastri, Meghalaya is the best to have control over. It has Cherapunji and Mawsynram, two places with heavy rain falls. Best to set to the mood for him. Also, we know how wet places attracts Shastri, as shown in the biopic of Mohammad Azharuddin, Azhar.

Uttar Pradesh is like number 4 position in Indian batting line-up. We want to see someone new there but are never satisfied. So it's up to you who you would like to pick as your CM here.

Note: The article is just for fun and not to offend anyone. We expect you to take it lightly. 


By Sihyeu Singh - 21 Jul, 2018

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