Farzi Times: Revealed! Who helped Kuldeep Yadav to be effective in England ahead of the tour

Kuldeep has named the veteran leg-spinner as his idol many times.

Shane Warne and Kuldeep Yadav | AP Photo

Indian spinner Kuldeep Yadav has left England team worried with his bowling performance in the first T20I played on Tuesday. He bagged a five-for and crushed the Eoin Morgan-led side. Kuldeep is looking unstoppable and even returning Kohinoor back to India won't stop him now. 

Farzi Times knows how the chinaman became so lethal playing first time in England. Kuldeep got inputs from the former Aussie spinner, Shane Warne.

As soon as we got to know Warne shared tips with Kuldeep, we were waiting for the unorthodox spinner to take plenty of wickets, which he did. Also, we had expected the spinner to get 3-4 girlfriends simultaneously. But he only got wickets and not girlfriends, that is why England never doubted that the 23-year-old was trained by Warne. 

When we talked to Kuldeep, he said, "Yes it is true I was trained by Warne sir. Those who don't believe can check his pockets anytime for the proof." Farzi Times questioned why? He responded, "Being a Kanpuriya, I had offered him Gutkha as guru dakshina. He is addicted to it now."

The chinaman also revealed Warne taught him how to give his best performance no matter how the situation and pitch is. When we continued the talk, gradually, our reporter realized Warne was not talking about cricket. Being a Warney fan, Kuldeep failed here completely. He hasn't followed him inside and outside the 22 yards.

India will be playing their second T20I against England on 6 July and expectations will be high from Kuldeep to give his best again... on the field.

NOTE: The article is just for fun and not to offend anyone. Please take it lightly and not as a rumor. We don't intend to mislead our readers.

By Sihyeu Singh - 05 Jul, 2018

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