Farzi Times: Guy scolded for throwing garbage, parties after Virat Kohli's dismissal on a duck

Virat had a poor start to his UK tour as he couldn't open his account against Ireland.

Anushka Sharma scolding Arrhan Singh | Twitter/Screengrab
Arhhan Singh, the guy who was scolded by Anushka Sharma for throwing garbage on the road, threw a house party this time after Virat Kohli got out on a duck against Ireland. This is the zero which Arhhan would have enjoyed watching and not the one starring Anushka.

India won the game against Ireland by 76 runs, but Virat failed to score any run after being dismissed on naught. 

Arhhan was so happy that he accidentally threw garbage in the dustbin. His mother noticed it and immediately turned to him for the misdeed. The friends and relatives attending the party were advised to throw garbage on the road. 

While talking to Farzi Times, Arhhan Singh, who claims his reputation (if there was any) has been affected, challenged Anushka to stop him. 

"I have made a Romeo squad who will go and write stuff like 'Pankaj loves Ritu' on Taj Mahal and Red Fort in Mumbai," he said.

When our reporter told him both Taj Mahal and Red Fort are in Delhi, he said, "I should not have thrown my General Knowledge book out unintentionally."

Arhhan has gained more popularity through his social media post than he has with his acting. But there is no doubt the way he acted after littering on the road was commendable. If it was an audition for a movie, he would have left Shah Rukh Khan behind.

(Note: The article is just for fun and not to offend anyone.)


By Sihyeu Singh - 28 Jun, 2018

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