Farzi Times: MS Dhoni credits Salman Khan's Race 3 for him passing the Yo-Yo Test

Dhoni was among the cricketers who passed the Yo-Yo Test comfortably.

MS Dhoni with Salman Khan | Instagram

MS Dhoni passed the Yo-Yo Test before the UK tour and thanked actor Salman Khan for his contribution. But he didn't get time to practice before the test. Dhoni had recently gone to watch Race 3 in a special screening at Mumbai. However, Salman, being modest, made sure his movie made Dhoni run out of the theater.

As per reports, Dhoni cleared the test easily and sources close to him said that the 36-year-old was in fear after watching the movie. "Mahi said sitting in the dressing room and waiting for his turn to bat during World Cup 2011 final was less stressful than watching Race 3 and waiting for the movie to get finished," the source told Farzi Times about MS Dhoni's thought.

Dhoni missed Ziva while watching Race 3 than he ever missed her. Not because the movie shows the bonding between father and daughter, the only reason why Ziva could have saved him and made it possible for them to leave the theater early.

When we asked the source about the rating of Race 3 from Dhoni's side, he said, "Mahi bhai dedicated his debut ODI match's score to Race 3."

Dhoni took the movie in a positive way. The veteran cricketer thought if he fails to pass the Yo-Yo test, other Bollywood actors will also ask him to join them for special screening. This proved the famous quote of Ranchod Das Chanchad correct, "Fear is the biggest motivator."

The way Bollywood's level is going down, Dhoni is still confused which one is lower; his batting position or Bollywood movie's script level.

By Sihyeu Singh - 17 Jun, 2018

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