Farzi Times: Indian fans craving for cricket after no action for a week post IPL

Indians are crazy for cricket and they can't live without it.

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One week and no cricket for Indian fans. This is a tough time for the fans as India will next play after more than a week from now. After IPL 2018 came to an end, fans were busy deciding how to go through the hangover of the 50-day long tournament. The situation in India is different after the fans are left cricket deprived post IPL.

Statistician Mohandas Menon came up with an interesting stat after IPL. According to him, the TV remote fights between siblings saw a sudden decline in last one week.

Along with the Indian parents, only those who had to forcefully support Royal Challengers Bangalore under the pressure of their girlfriend were happy when IPL finished. 

We spoke to a fan named Monu who is quite upset with no cricket for one week. But he is not even a cricket fan. "Missing cricket badly. My crush and I both don't watch cricket. She used to come outside during match times and I was happy getting a glimpse of her every day. No wonder IPL makes me the happiest after Suresh Raina and bookies. Hopefully, I will also get arrested by her eyes and get jailed in her heart one day like Arbaaz Khan, only because of IPL. Love you, Lalit Modi," he said. 

Cricket fans who just got their board results are also disturbed after knowing there isn't any cricket involving India until June 14. Even Sri Lankan cricket team couldn't come to the rescue. Kids getting low marks have to listen to their parents' taunts every day. They can't even divert the topic as there is no cricket match or Rohit Sharma who would have given them a chance to rant. Probably the only chance when father-son duo would have stood together to criticize the legend of Nallasopara.

The situation is getting out of hand in India and fans are eagerly waiting for Afghanistan's debut Test against Men in Blue. Farzi Times suggests the fans to stay strong and live stream the ongoing Afghanistan-Bangladesh T20I series in the meantime.

Note: The article is fiction. Please take it lightly.


By Sihyeu Singh - 05 Jun, 2018

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