Farzi Times: ICC to use IPL's concept, overseas player to be allowed in every team

The discarded players of a country are excited to play for another country.


International Cricket Council (ICC) is trying to make cricket more competitive and global. They have decided to bring the concept of Indian Premier League (IPL) into international cricket.

The cricketing body wants every team to play with one overseas player in their squad. While many teams are eager to try out this new change, England thinks there is nothing new as they have always used a South African in their squad like Indian mom uses coriander in every dish.

The news isn't very pleasing for the Bangladeshi young budding cricketers who had already crossed the border to get in Kolkata. They were hoping to play for India, but now after this new concept, they would have got a chance to play anyway without arranging fake aadhar card. This new rule is also a blow to Mamta Didi, as now less Bangladeshis will cross border.

South Africa may get Stuart Binny in their squad only for the fact that he may bring water with himself. Cape Town is suffering from scarcity of water and who is better than Binny to deal with the water crisis. 

When we asked fast bowler Ashoke Dinda about the new change where a player may have to play for a different country under quota, he said, "Look, this isn't a new concept. I have always performed well for other countries despite wearing the Indian jersey. So please don't ask about this to me. I am clearly in support of this."

Soon our Farzi Times reporter explained that players will have to play for the different country completely. Like wearing the other country's jersey. On this Dinda said, "Oh! This is the case. So that means I was doing it wrong since many years? That means my dream of winning the world cup for India can be fulfilled, by playing for a different country? Amazing rule. Implement it before 2019 World Cup."

Note: The article is just for fun and not to offend anyone. Please take it lightly. THIS IS PURE FICTION AND SHOULD NOT BE TAKEN LITERALLY. 

By Sihyeu Singh - 07 May, 2018

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