7 mind boggling reasons why Pakistan Super League is ahead of Indian Premier League

PSL or IPL? Fans have been asking this question from long time.

Which league is bigger and better? IPL or PSL?

T20 cricket is mushrooming thanks to various T20 leagues in different countries, like IPL in India, BBL in Australia, CPL in the Caribbeans, and BPL in Bangladesh.

With the rise of these leagues, a question has popped up everytime among the fans, "Which is the best T20 league?". This is now a trending question everywhere and a lot of discussions are going around regarding this. 

If you go by Indian fans, they consider IPL far ahead of any other league. But in recent times, the India based league has been compared with newly emerged Pakistan Super League. PSL is the league which shook IPL. Even number one ranked T20I team Pakistan's cricketers admitted they have never played in a league like this.

That's what happens when you play PSL after Bangladesh Premier League.

Not to worry.

We will make the comparison easy for fans by giving 7 reasons why PSL offers more than IPL:

1) Crowd

PSL allows the crowds to use the stadium like a library. You will find more peace in PSL matches than any other place in the world. No wonder the Rishis and Sadhus have planned to visit the PSL venue next year to meditate. 

2) PSL doesn't halt international cricket like IPL does

We saw all Test playing countries were busy with their bilateral series, and only discarded and retired cricketers taking part in the PSL. The Pakistan based T20 league ensures that international cricket isn't interrupted because of the league. Just like the famous Gokuldham Premier League (GPL).

But during IPL, there is little to none international cricket happening, as every top player is busy playing in the league. What a killjoy.

3) PSL wants no wastage of money with the high budget

PSL's budget is lower than the Ramsay Brothers' movies. As per rumors, players will be given roohafza and rasna during the drinks break. This is a good step to make cricket low budget and stop the waste of money. The IPL can learn from PSL in this context. The PSL committee is planning to use crackers left after Eid, to be used in play-off matches. 

4) PSL gives room for creativity

PSL 2018's trophy looked like a 6th standard student's design for his social science project. Such steps are a true encouragement for kids to come forward and contribute to the game and the league. IPL will never allow it and lose out on points for creativity. We may also see PCB organizing a competition between children to design the trophy in future. 

5) The trophy is bigger than player says PSL

Pakistan's T20 league PSL gives a big message that no player is bigger than the title. The winner of PSL title receives Rupees 6.5 crores, which is less than Kedar Jadav's price in IPL (Rs 7.8 crore).

But will they pay for Kedar if he agrees to joins PSL? No, they will still play for the trophy. It easily implies that the PSL trophy is much bigger than any player. We may see a new revolution, as PSL will be seen giving Cadbury celebrations to players for Man of the Match to increase the winning amount. 

6) PSL can easily give chance to youngsters unlike IPL

PSL franchises don't face problem in dropping their overseas players, unlike IPL. They can shift matches to Pakistan to ensure overseas players don't travel with them and that makes way for local youngsters to perform. This high minded, rocket-science level trick can't be done in leagues like IPL.

7) PSL ensures less criticism, more confidence

Pakistan Super League gives players a boost in confidence even after poor performances. A plus point of PSL is that, it isn't watched all around the world because maximum cricket fans stay busy with their country's matches and players face less fire on social media platforms.

Kevin Pietersen had to retire to stay in the news and get noticed, as no one praised his innings in PSL. 


By Sihyeu Singh - 10 Apr, 2018

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