SA vs AUS 2018: The rivalry has been running for a while, says Finch

Controversies have shifted the focus of the cricketers from both teams.

Rabada faces a suspension after his send off to Smith. ( Getty)

The rivalry between various players in the ongoing Test which might have added spice to it but it has shifted the focus of the players to some extent. De Kock and David Warner engaging in an ugly altercation in the first Test, followed by Rabada's controversial send off to Steve Smith in the second Test has made the cricketing world take notice of the excessive on-field banters that have been happening in the series. 

Aaron Finch, who is a regular member of the Australian ODI and T20I outfit has said that this rivalry has been happening for quite some time now and has 'bubbled away under the surface' for years.

People are yet to get over the Warner - De Kock spat. ( Reuters)

"I think it's been running for a while," Finch told Triple M of the heated nature of the rivalry. "We heard about the last Test series that South Africa played here in Australia, it was very aggressive.

"The one before (in 2014), where Australia had an unbelievable come-from-behind win in the last Test in Cape Town to seal the series, that was on for young and old from ball one of the Test."

"So I think the guys that have been around for the last couple of series, there's a real – I wouldn't say hatred because I think there's a genuine respect for the way both teams play – (but) there's a lot of heat and a lot of build-up over the last couple of series that sits and bubbles away under the surface for a while."

Criticising the Protean team, Finch said that they have the habit of running to the officials. "We're known for being an aggressive team, but Davey Warner, I've heard him cop everything under the sun and I've never heard him whinge about it once, I've never heard him complain about it". 

"But I think a lot of other teams, I think South Africa are one of those sides that dish out a little bit, then they're the first to run and cry poor at the match officials or their team management … there are a few that give it out and then run to the authorities after that" Finch added.

Meanwhile Kagiso Rabada, after a rather unpleasant send off to Steve Smith have increased South Africa's problems in the Test series as he might face a 2 Test match ban due to his offence. 


By Anshuman Roy - 12 Mar, 2018

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