Farzi Times: Rohit Sharma gets caught after taking 'PK' way for the first ODI vs SL

Rohit Sharma tried transferring leadership skills from MS Dhoni.

Rohit Sharma with MS Dhoni | REUTERS

Rohit Sharma will be leading Indian cricket team for the first time when India will play Sri Lanka at Dharmashala. What is his preparation ahead of the game? Farzi Times tried to find out with their close sources.

Rohit took the 'PK' way to learn the art of captaincy. As per sources, Sharma spent one hour with MS Dhoni holding his hand with closed eyes in the hotel room. When Hardik Pandya went inside the room without knocking the door, both of them opened their eyes at the same time. 

First, both cricketers thought they ended up inviting the spirit of Michael Jackson after seeing his dance moves. But then earphone plugged out of the phone and things get normal.

Rohit and Dhoni completed their 'leadership quality transfer' process.

One could easily understand that Rohit has used the 'PK' formula to as he started using 'Well, of course, you know' in every sentence. Not only that, when head coach Ravi Shastri asked him to pass the water bottle during the practice session, Rohit shouted at Kedar Jadhav who was near the bottles and said, "Usse maango, Usko udhar taali bajane ke liye nahi rakha hai". 

That was the time Shastri smelled something fishy. His doubt got cleared soon after Rohit started talking about playing Mohit Sharma and Ishwar Pandey in the first ODI, even though they were not in the squad.

However, Ravi wasn't sure if the coldness in the weather is because of two Dhonis (Rohit now also transformed into Dhoni)?As Dharamshala's weather is always like that.

To confirm everything, when Rohit entered the room, Ravi shouted "Dhoni!!!! Finishes things off in style" and everyone witnessed something unusual. As soon as Shastri uttered those famous words Sharma removed the tube light and swung it like Dhoni did in the World Cup final.

The game was over for Rohit. Team management took him to a psychiatrist to get him over the transferred data from Dhoni. He had got everything, except the captaincy skills which was interrupted by Hardik Pandya.

Finally, Ravi Shastri got confirmed that Rohit is fine after the current Indian captain again started asking information and getting involved in gossips about Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma's marriage.



By Sihyeu Singh - 09 Dec, 2017

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