Watch - Meet Shayan Jamal, the 6 year old wonder kid who wants to emulate Virat Kohli

When most four year old kids are playing with toys; Shayan debuted for his school's U12 cricket team.

Shayan Jamal during his pratice | Shayan Jamal Facebook

Talent comes in all shapes and sizes and at any age. But someone needs to identify that talent in order to nurture it and put it on the correct path to success. There are many stories of young prodigies in different fields of life and today we introduce you a 6-year-old cricketer that has shocked the world of cricket with his talent.

Meet Shayan Jamal from Delhi, India. Circle of Cricket did a special feature on the wonder boy recently.

Shayan Jamal is the same kid whose video went viral when a small kid was seen batting against much older kids in a proper cricket match some time back. That time, Shayan was 4 years old and was playing for his school’s U12 team.

Born on 24th October 2011 to Arshad Jamal and Shakeela Jabeen, Shayan showed interest in cricket when he was just 18 months old. His father Arshad shares that Shayan loved to watch cricket matches on TV and it was the only way to pacify the young bloke. He also loved to play cricket in his house and wouldn’t sleep until his father played with him for some time in the night.

Shayan Jamal with his father Arshad | Shayan Jamal Facebook

His mother and sisters share that Shayan is crazy for cricket and made them play with him whenever he wanted. His father finally started giving him proper coaching at the age of three and at 4 years 11 months, he made it into his school’s U12 team, while still being in the KG Class academically.

Shayan loves Virat Kohli and wants to emulate the current Indian captain. “I want to play for India one day, like Virat Kohli. I admire him because he is a good batsman and scores centuries,” says Shayan, a student of Hamdard Public School, in Delhi’s Sangam Vihar.

Shayan’s cricketing sense is strong and he his hungry to play cricket. He is a god sent with exceptional talent,” says his father, who thinks Shayan will fulfill his dream of playing cricket professionally.

Circle of Cricket tested Shayan’s cricketing technique and skills with a few drills and he aced those drills with flying colors. His favorite shot is the cover drive and his flicks on the leg side are something to watch out for.

Shayan bowls part-time, but at the current moment, he is more interested in batting and batting.

Though it is yet to see whether the hunger for the game remains the same for Shayan as he grows up; currently he is enjoying cricket way too much to let go of it and it is his parent’s wish that he fulfills their dreams of playing for India one day.

Here is Circle of Cricket’s special feature on wonder kid Shayan Jamal:


By Jatin Sharma - 23 Jun, 2018

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