MS Dhoni: The flying helicopter

MS Dhoni completes 13 years of international cricket.


When dawn looks far and team traps in dusk,
he flutters in like a firefly and helps the stucks.
His assistance comes for bowlers in words and sign,
that makes us witness the helicopter MS Dhoni flying.

Umpires find it hard to overrule his claim,
did team fail? Well, of course, he is there to take the blame.
Ask him to win, batting with number eight or nine,
and still, see the helicopter MS Dhoni flying.

Make him a paper plane and he can take off even in rain,
team wins, but he never boards the credit train.
Bowl a flight and drag the batsman out of the safety line,
if you really wanna see the helicopter MS Dhoni flying.

Watching him chase will make you scream 'Oh Jesus!',
do watch, but can you survive his last over finishes? 
Poor heart keeps saying, 'turn off the TV, I'm not fine',
no says the eyes to see the helicopter MS Dhoni flying.

He gets blamed for stealing the limelight, fame and honor,
but to spot him in the team picture, check out only the corner.
I didn't cry on 'Dhoni finishes things off in style' and I am lying,
I have spent my childhood seeing the helicopter MS Dhoni flying.


By Sihyeu Singh - 23 Dec, 2017

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