The delicious menu that the Indian team is gorging on in South Africa

Indian team management fired their South African caterers as they couldn't provide home-cooked Indian food.

Virat Kohli has made his team as fit as him

Team India avenged the Test series defeat at the hands of South Africa, by defeating them by a margin of 5-1 in the six-match ODI series. It was a dominating and clinical performance by the Indian team, highlighted by the performances of Virat Kohli, Yuzvendra Chahal, and Kuldeep Yadav.

Most of the credit for this success should also go to the strict discipline and workout mentality instilled in the team by skipper Virat Kohli. He made it compulsory for the Indian team aspirants to pass the yo-yo fitness test and this rule has made them look at their dietary habits also. The Indian team players have started eating healthier and have becoming fitter.

However, as per the reports of Hindustan Times, the Indian team fired their South African caterer and cook, as they were not happy with their inability to provide Indian food to the team. This led to the team management hiring an Indian based restaurant for providing them with a home-like food for the remainder of the tour.

The players were unhappy with the local caterer here. So, we were hired and they are enjoying and liking it. We only cater to the dressing room and to the officials accompanying the Indian team,” the manager of Geet restaurant, which will reportedly be serving food to the Indian team, said.

As per reports, the local caterer, whose identity isn’t disclosed, revealed that the Indian team asked for home cooked food and were unimpressed with the aroma and flavor of the food offered to them. “That is the only reason we can think of. Otherwise, none of the other teams have had issues,” the South African caterer said.

Here's the list of food items that the Indian team is gorging on (courtesy Hindustan Times):

Breakfast (for both teams):
Homemade Granola, All-bran flakes, Future life high protein cereal, muesli and milo cereal, double thick Greek yogurt, fat-free milk and almond milk, fresh fruits, dried fruits, biltong dried wors (dried meat), mix roast nuts, tea/coffee. (a demand for an omelet station by the Indian team has also been made).

Other meals for Indian Team:
Chicken rezala (was replaced by Chicken Alleppey for the 6th ODI); Lamb Seyal (cubed meat cooked in spices)
Vegetarian: At least two types of Dal (first one being daal makhani), palak paneer, goli masala (steamed and mashed greens with stuffed cheese), butter naan, basmati rice.

Also, Khurmani ki Tikki (apricot-filled aloo tikki with yogurt and tamarind chutney) was served. No request for a sweet dish was made.


By Jatin Sharma - 18 Feb, 2018

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