SA v IND: Indian team's shower in Cape Town restricted to 2 mins keeping drought conditions in mind

The first Test between India and South Africa will begin in Cape Town on January 5, 2018.

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Cape Town is facing its worst drought in a century. This has resulted in some restrictions on water usage. As per reports, the Indian team's shower time was restricted to two minutes, as the result of water conservation efforts.

The drought has forced to implement "level six" restrictions. It has some strict rules like nobody can use the city's drinking water to water their garden, fill swimming pools or wash cars, farmers have had to reduce consumption by 60 percent compared to the corresponding period pre-drought (in 2015) and more like that.

South Africa also struggled to prepare a grassy pitch in drought-hit Cape Town.

“The street is choked with cars and trailers. Children and the elderly crowd around a place with puddles that has a pipeline with a signage that says: ‘The fountain’,” the report said.

“I find it embarrassing to add that one line after I have given the usual instructions about keys and kitchen cleanliness. To tell somebody not to flush can’t be a great start of the gold standard in hospitality,” a local Airbnb owner was quoted in the report.

Lee Harris, the manager of the Backpack Hotel in Cape Town, told RFI news agency that she tries to involve tourists in water saving. She has put a 40-liter bucket of water in the hotel's hall for people to get an idea of what the amount represents. Information boards are also present in every room.

"We explain that no baths are allowed and that showers should not last longer than two minutes, that they should use a cup to brush their teeth and not let the water run. Or that they should not flush for just a wee," she explains.


By Sihyeu Singh - 04 Jan, 2018

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