SA vs AUS 2018: Hashim Amla joins the ball tampering debate

ICC has suspended Smith, Warner and Bancroft respectively.

Cricket AUstralia has taken a harsh  call on the trio. (AFP)

It seems as if the ball tampering debate and people keeping their opinion on it is here to stay for some time longer. 

Hashim Amla is the latest to voice his concern over the debate having observed things from close quarters from the opposite camp. 

Cricket Australia has banned Steve Smith, David Warner and Cameron Bancroft after their involvement in the controversy which left a deep scar in the face of Australian cricket's legacy. 

Amla has also spoken on the suspension of the trio by Cricket Australia. Amla was responding to the bans imposed on Australia’s Steven Smith, David Warner and Cameron Bancroft.

He said that the events of Cape Town should lead cricketers to ask:

“What kind of cricket do you want to play? It has probably given the ICC a lot more headaches and the opportunity now is for the governing bodies to show us, where is this line?”

He was referring to frequent comments by Australian cricketers about the limits of acceptable behavior and “not crossing the line”.

The ball tampering controversy has taken away all the focus from the fourth Test which starts from March 30 in Johannesburg. Australia is trailing 2-1 in the series and they will go into the next Test without Steve Smith and David Warner, two senior cricketers who will be out of the national team for a year. 

There are also question marks over their participation in the 2019  World Cup as Australia is busy finding the ideal replacement to Steve Smith who according to former cricket experts might never become Australian captain again. 

“With all the distractions, there is not much we can do from our perspective,” he said.

“I am grateful that we are sitting in the South African change room without the shadows hanging over us. For us it is about the cricket. You’ve got to keep your focus as professional sportsmen" Amla concluded saying. 


By Anshuman Roy - 29 Mar, 2018

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