SA vs AUS 2018: Australia coach Darren Lehmann set to react to the ball-tampering controversy

Lehmann has got a clean chit from Cricket Australia regarding the issue.

Lehmann has been coaching Australia since 2013. (Getty)

The Australian cricket has been tarnished by the recent ball-tampering controversy which has rocked the nation and its supporters. The Australian cricket team and the management has come under a lot of criticism as they go into the next Test match in a bid to draw the series. 

Cricket Australia chief James Sutherland has delivered his verdict of the investigation done on the ball tampering issue involving Steve Smith, Cameron Bancroft and David Warner.

James Sutherland apologized to the Australian cricket fans and to Cricket South Africa. He cleared that only Steve Smith, Cameron Bancroft and David Warner had the prior knowledge of intention to tamper with the ball.

He also cleared that coach Darren Lehmann had no knowledge of this and will continue to coach Australia as per his contract. Meanwhile, after staying mum on the issue while the action has been unfolding on the other side, the Australian coach has finally decided to break his silence.  According to, he is expected to break his silence on the whole issue on Wednesday. After the initial findings in the matter, CA had sent tainted cricketers back home.

Meanwhile, former legendary Australian skipper Allan Border has said that Lehmann is "one of the good guys" of Australian cricket and that he deserves to stay. 

"We're talking about one of the good guys in Australian cricket," Border told Fox Sports News.

"He's done a fantastic job with that team and if he wasn't aware of what was going on, there's no problem at all."

"If (CA's) integrity officer has been through and interviewed people and he's satisfied that Darren Lehmann didn't know specifically what was going on at the time, I'm very relaxed. That's a good news item, isn't it, not the other way."

Border also said that it is a good opportunity for a lot of people to talk against Australian cricket team, and it's not just about ball tampering. 

"The Australian cricket team itself is not a popular cricket team and a lot of their antics on the field have upset a lot of people. And anyone with axe to grind has an opportunity now to stick the knife in."

"Is Darren Lehmann involved in that? Yes he probably is. He has to have a long, hard look at the portrayal of what the Australian cricket team is all about and how it's perceived. He'll have to take stock of all of that.

"He'll be under a lot of pressure as far as that's concerned. But the ball-tampering situation, he didn't know anything about that and he's got things to do going forward" concluded Border.


By Anshuman Roy - 28 Mar, 2018

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