SA v AUS 2018: South Africa complain about David Warner using bandaged hand to shine the ball

David Warner is already in hot water with the authorities after the Durban incident.

David Warner's bandaged hand

The David Warner v South Africa saga doesn’t seem to come to an end.

Just days after Quinton de Kock and David Warner were penalized for their altercation in the stairs, leading to the pavilion at Durban, during the first Test. The altercation almost saw the two Test cricketers coming to blows.

Now, another controversy has erupted as the South African side has objected to David Warner’s heavily bandaged hand. The Proteas complained to the umpires with respect to taping of David Warner’s hand in the second Test at Port Elizabeth.

The matter also has some seriousness attached to it, as Warner fields at mid-off or mid-on and is in-charge of shining the ball. Aussie opener was repeatedly shown to be holding the ball in his heavily bandaged hands, before shining the ball on his pants.

Australia bowling coach Ryan Harris however dusted the accusation under the rug by saying that it was just an attempt to get another reaction out of Warner.

Here is the video of Warner shining the ball with his bandaged hand:

David Warner is one outburst short of getting suspended after his antics in Durban.


By Jatin Sharma - 11 Mar, 2018

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