SL v ENG 2018: Absolutely "nothing behind" spot-fixing claims, says Mark Wood

Earlier, broadcaster Al Jazeera claimed involvement of a "small group" of England players in matches where spots were fixed, according to them.

Mark Wood has dismissed all the spot-fixing claims from Al Jazeera | Getty

Fast bowler Mark Wood has dismissed spot-fixing allegations by broadcaster Al Jazeera in its investigatory documentary saying, it's "like the boy who cried wolf" and confirmed that there is absolutely "nothing behind" these claims against a "small group" of England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) players. 

Earlier, Al Jazeera followed another documentary with the previous ones, where a bookie was seen claiming that a session and two of the Ranchi Test 2017 were spot-fixed by a few Australian players, and informed that it has "uncovered evidence of corruption at the highest levels of international cricket," by a few three lions' cricketers. 

Clearing their immediate stance on the matter, the ECB responded, "Whilst the limited information we have been given by Al Jazeera is poorly prepared and lacks clarity and corroboration, it has been properly assessed," 

"Analysis of this by the ECB Integrity Team has cast no doubt on the integrity or behaviour of any England player, current or former," the official statement added. 

Now, Wood, who is part of England's side for the final one-dayer in Sri Lanka, gave his opinion on the matter to Talksport and said, "Until Al Jazeera bring out anything concrete, where they name someone or show a piece of evidence, I'm not going to believe what they say," 

"They keep saying there's this and that, but never producing anyone or saying there's any evidence behind it," he added, "It's a bit like the boy who cried wolf. Until they can produce something that I'm worried about then I don't take any notice of it."

Wood also stated that while he was not involved in the England set-up at the time of the incidents happened, you would hardly expect him to cast doubts over his own teammates. 

He further stressed the point in another interview with the BBC and said, "I haven't spoken to any of the other players about it, It's not news to me. It had no sort of 'hit' to it," adding, "If they came up with concrete evidence or they said a name and they could prove something then I would be a bit more worried," before signing off with, "But at the moment they keep making accusations and there's nothing behind it so I'm not too fussed."

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By Kashish Chadha - 23 Oct, 2018

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