Quadrangular Series 2018: Chris Tremain impressed with India's batting depth

Tremain is part of Australia A squad on their tour of India.

Chris Tremin showered praise on the likes of Shubhman Gill and other Indian batsmen that he bowled to.

Having been beaten soundly by India B in the final of the just concluded Quadrangular A series in Bangalore, Australia A fast bowler Chris Tremain has said that it is still an invaluable experience and learning for the young touring side. 

Tremain is mighty impressed with the likes of Shubhman Gill and other young Indian batsmen that he bowled to and says, the future for Indian Cricket is bright as far as their innate strength, batting is concerned. 

Showering praise on young Shubhman Gill's batting, Tremain said, he "hit(s) the ball like no one I'd ever seen before" and added, "They have so much talent over here that you can't fit it all into the one XI, It is a little bit of an eye-opener to see they do have such great options, especially the young guys, and especially in white-ball cricket."

"These kids, from ages 13, 14 are growing up with T20 cricket and a lot of white-ball cricket. Their tactics and the way they play their game is really superior to a lot of countries around the world, because they play so much."

Tremain also says that he has made a conscious effort to try and emulate the ways subcontinent players employ in order to be successful in places like India. He thinks it's important for other players in his side to do so too. 

"I enjoy looking at how they approach their game and looking for a way we can adapt when we play against them," Tremain told SEN radio, "I don't think it's as easy as looking at the one game and having a day off and trying to replicate it a day later, it has a little reconnaissance mission this tour and take back all this information about how they play their game."

"And then next time we come over, we've got a good couple of months of preparing and adapting our game to mirror what they can do."

(Inputs from Cricket.com.au)


By Kashish Chadha - 31 Aug, 2018

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