"I don't understand the logic behind it," Inzamam unhappy with ICC's new rules and saliva ban

Inzamam feels the new rules may end up creating more problems.

Inzamam-Ul-Haq | AFP

Pakistan's retired cricketer Inzamam-Ul-Haq has reacted to ICC's latest rule to ensure social distancing in cricket after the COVID-19 pandemic.

ICC says no to saliva on a cricket ball, any contact among teammates during the celebration, and players will no longer hand over sweaters or sunglasses to umpires and will need to use sanitizers when coming in contact with the ball. 

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Inzamam doesn't feel the rules for social distancing will work for the teammates. “Will slip fielders also stand some distance apart? After taking a wicket, won’t the bowler celebrate with his teammates? If a bowler is not doing well, won’t the captain go up to him and speak with him? Will the batsmen stand six-feet apart and talk strategy?”, Inzamam said on a video uploaded on his YouTube channel The Match Winner.

The former Pakistan captain isn't happy with the latest rules and feels cricket should be played in a conventional way only.

“It is a very good thing that the sport is returning but tinkering with rules is a serious issue. Aap cricket ko cricket ko tarah hi rehne dein (Let cricket remain cricket).”

The ban of saliva is also a trending topic in the cricket world. Inzamam shared his thoughts on the rule as well and said it may create more problems as bowlers will try to apply other substances on the ball.

“I was thinking the other day that you can’t apply saliva on the ball because of certain issues (related to coronavirus). But there are several other things that can cause problems as well,” Inzamam added.

“If a bowler is not allowed to apply saliva then ball won’t move around as much and he will go for runs. The bowler will then turn to other things such as Vaseline to shine the ball. I don’t understand the logic behind the saliva ban.”


By Sihyeu Singh - 18 Jun, 2020

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