Abdul Razzaq says Virat Kohli reached where he is currently due to pure luck

Razzaq has also acknowledged Kohli is the world's most successful batsman.

Virat Kohli | GETTY

Former Pakistan cricketer Abdul Razzaq has started to attack India verbally to stay in the news. After degrading Jasprit Bumrah and Indian Premier League recently, Razzaq has shifted focus to Indian captain Virat Kohli to get attention.

Virat Kohli is rated among the best batsman world has ever seen, has inspired cricketers around the globe with his hard work and dedication. But Razzaq feels the modern great has become what he is now because of pure luck.

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“He is a fantastic player and there is no doubt about it. However, he is lucky as the BCCI supports him well and instills the confidence in him that any player needs to succeed. The respect he gets from his board is what probably inspires him to do well all the time and the results are there for all to see,” Abdul Razzaq told PakPassion.net.
“I do believe that even in Pakistan we have players who could become better than Virat Kohli, but they are neglected by our system which is a tragedy. In Kohli’s case, he has taken that confidence shown in him by the board and using his talent, repaid them with his performances,” he added.

Razzaq has found a way to be the topic of discussion on this side of the border. Fans had recently lashed out at him for saying Pakistan Super League is better than the Indian Premier League, and the best XI of PSL can beat IPL XI easily. 


By Sihyeu Singh - 22 Jan, 2020

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