Stuart Binny talks about dealing with brutal fans on social media

Binny hasn't played for Indian team since 2016.

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Stuart Binny has been widely discussed on social media, but something the cricketer wouldn't like to go through. He is among the most trolled cricketers. Whether it's playing for India or the IPL franchise, the trolls have always tried to get better of him. The negative talks about him made the all-rounder stay away from the micro-blogging site Twitter.

It isn't easy for a cricketer to deal with such harsh trolling. Social media would the last thing a cricketer would like to see after having a tough day on the field. 

India has a huge audience for the game. They are passionate and it shows when they all express themselves. But sometimes, the criticism turns into torture which can easily break any player. But Binny has dealt with them with a smile.

In a recent interview with Hindustan Times, the out-of-favor India all-rounder told about his struggle with the trolls on social media. “Ignoring trolls and criticism took time but now I’ve learned to laugh about it. But that hasn’t stopped me from getting shocked at how silly some of the comments can get,” Binny said.

Stuart last played for India in T20I against West Indies in 2016 in Florida. He bowled just one over in that match and was smashed for five sixes in an over, overall 32 runs. 

“I came on to bowl at a stage when they were flying. So, it was always going to be either that or me getting a wicket. There was never going to be an in-between, you know. Like I was never going to go for just 10 runs. But what hurt more than the over was that we lost the game by such a narrow margin—one run,” he explained the situation.

“Look, every ball I bowled in that over, was the best ball I could bowl, make no mistake. I wasn’t just ambling in and putting the ball out there. I tried my best, but it wasn’t good enough on the day. Simple as that."

The 35-year-old was part of India's World Cup 2015 squad. He also has the best ODI figures for an Indian bowler with 6/4 against Bangladesh in 2014. 

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By Sihyeu Singh - 08 Dec, 2019

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