WATCH- Gambhir defends himself; promises to quit eating jalebis if it helps to reduce Delhi pollution

Gambhir was photoed eating jalebis in Indore and missing the parliamentary meeting in Delhi.

Gautam Gambhir eating jalebis with VVS LaxmanBJP MP Gautam Gambhir is finding himself in hot soup after missing an important parliamentary meeting in Delhi and opting to do commentating duties in Indore during the Test between India and Bangladesh recently.

Gambhir, who has taken on the incumbent Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) over their inability to take steps to reduce pollution in Delhi, where the air toxicity has got through the roof, causing the government to close schools and other institutions. However, with his latest gaffe, the AAP party has launched a scathing attack on East Delhi MP.

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Now in his defense, Gambhir has mentioned that if his eating jalebi causes pollution in Delhi, he is ready to stop eating the sweet dish. Speaking to ANI, Gambhir defended his jalebi-eating photos with former cricket colleague VVS Laxman and said, "Agar mera jalebi khane se Delhi ka pollution badha hai, toh main hamesha ke liye jalebi chhod sakta hoon...10 minute mein mujhe troll karna shuru kar diya, agar itni mehnat Delhi ki pollution ko kam karne mein ki hoti toh hum saas le pate." (If my eating jalebis has caused pollution in Delhi, I will stop eating jalebis forever. You started trolling me in 10 minutes. Had you worked this hard on checking pollution in Delhi, we would be breathing better air today)

The MP has claimed that he has planned to install giant air purifiers in his constituency. And do his bit to reduce pollution. "Making my commercial engagements (which were entered into before I had become an MP) an issue to mask the incompetence and political greed of their leader is the saddest thing that the party, which claims to represent honest people, could do," Gambhir had said in his defense.

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By Jatin Sharma - 18 Nov, 2019

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