Ramiz Raja reveals what Pakistan needs to learn from Indian cricket and Virat Kohli

Raja feels that Pakistan team keeps playing in a bubble and this is burst when they take on stronger opponents on international stage.

Virat Kohli in action during the World Cup match against Pakistan | Getty

India, Australia and England were collectively known as the big 3 back then, when N Srinivasan was at the helm of BCCI because of the fact that these countries raked in more money than the rest of the cricketing world.

However, ever since the departure of N Srinivasan, Giles Clarke, and Wally Edwards, this group has lost that iron grip, but their overwhelming influence over the way cricket is run is still there. Also, India, England and Australia consistently churn out results and provide more thrilling matches which work in their favour and this is what, keeps the ICC pleased with the way things are at the moment.

Former Pakistan cricketer Ramiz Raja recently said that he wants the Pakistan Cricket Board to learn from BCCI and revamp the way cricket is run in the country.

While talking about the Indian team, Raja said, “The sporting mindset has changed now. Now the teams are confrontational. Just look at Virat Kohli and co. They have completely revamped the Indian team with their aggression and fearless approach.

Pakistan also have to adopt a mindset that matches their DNA. They need a think tank that lets them play modern day cricket. This difference becomes evident when Pakistan goes to World or Asia Cups or when in Test cricket they are pitted against a high-ranked side. There, the opposition plays attractive and entertaining cricket while it seems that we are still stuck in the 1970s,” he added.

The 57-year-old former right-hand batsman then went on to say that Pakistan team keeps playing in a bubble and this is burst when they take on stronger opponents at an international stage.

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By Swapnil Shireesh Javkhedkar - 21 Aug, 2019

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