R Ashwin answers in positive when a fan asked if he would continue mankading in future

Ashwin was interacting with fans on Twitter when a fan questioned him.

R Ashwin mankads Jos Buttler during IPL 2019

Indian spinner R Ashwin took the cricket world by storm during Indian Premier League (IPL 2019) when he mankaded Rajasthan Royals (RR) batsman Jos Buttler. He was criticized for his action as some believed it wasn't as per sportsman spirit. Ashwin did get support from rest of the cricket fans as mankading was within the rules.

Recently, Ashwin was asked by a fan if he would continue mankading batters in future? On which, he agreed. 

A fan posted a question which read, “How difficult is it to be honest? Forget being to others, but to yourself? Is 100% honesty achievable?”

Ashwin responded, “99 percent can’t be honest to themselves… One big joy of life is to stay in denial."

This wasn't the response which gathered everyone's attention. "Keep mankading bro ????," a fan jokingly posted below his reply. Ashwin didn't ignore the banter. He was plain with his reply and wrote, "Deal".



By Sihyeu Singh - 15 Jun, 2019

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