Cricket does not need Umpires anymore, suggests Kevin Pietersen

His comment came after the umpiring mistakes in the RCB v MI match in IPL 2019.

Cricket shouldn’t need umpires anymore | Getty Images

Kevin Pietersen, former England skipper and cricket commentator, on Saturday, 30 March, made a controversial comment on the role of the umpires in the game of cricket.

He took to Twitter to suggest that cricket does not need umpires anymore and the biggest reason of that is the technology, saying when technology does everything whether be it out or any other decisions on the field, then why should the umpires in the game?

The Englishman further went on to explain where and when this umpire-less implementation should be implemented in the modern era of the game, suggesting to try it in England's 100 Ball competition.

Last year, the England & Wales Cricket Board had confirmed their new competition that will be 100 balls-a-side and will be launched in the year 2020 to attract new audiences to the game and Pietersen believes that it will be a good idea to have that tournament without the umpires to make it even more interesting to garner wide and potentially new audience.

He wrote on Twitter, Cricket shouldn’t need umpires anymore!

It only needs someone to:

1. control the game.

2. Keep speed of play up.

All modes of dismissals can be decided with technology now anyway!  Maybe the 100 Ball comp in the UK should think about this...????

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By Rashmi Nanda - 30 Mar, 2019

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