Parthiv Patel gives Yuvraj Singh an epic burn during an Instagram banter

Patel roasted his friend Yuvraj when the he tried to pull his leg.

Yuvraj Singh and Parthiv Patel are known for their epic banter on social mediaIndia cricketer Yuvraj Singh and Parthiv Patel are good friends and to know their close bonding one needs to check their Instagram banter only. The way two have a go at each other and pull legs it shows their understanding. 

Recently, the banter between Yuvraj and Parthiv was so good it made it to various social media platforms. Fans burst into laughter after reading the conversation between the two. We have always seen elite level roasting when these two come against each other.

On Thursday, Parthiv posted his post-workout picture and captioned it: “Done for the day….” Wearing his Royal Challengers Bangalore outfit. The cricketer was sporting IPL franchise Royal Challengers Bangalore jersey and was seen sitting on the treadmill.

Yuvraj took a jibe at Patel for not looking tired at all. “Looks like was a great session! You are sweating a lot," he wrote.

But then came the savage reply by Parthiv which won him the banter. Social media was drooling over this comment by the 33-year-old which read, “I don’t have an editing team which can show my 15 minutes session into 2 hours session.”

Here is the conversation: 


By Sihyeu Singh - 08 Feb, 2019

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