Tendulkar bats for cricket's Olympics recognition 

Ex-ICC CEO David Richardson had hinted towards sports' inclusion in Los Angeles Games in 2028. 

Olympics inclusion could be a game changer for cricket | Getty

Sachin Tendulkar feels cricket needs to become a truly global sport and embracing the Olympics for spreading it across the world could be the way forward towards this objective. 

During an International Cricket Council(ICC) meeting in Kolkata, ex-CEO Dave Richardson had indicated that cricket could be a reality in the Los Angeles Games in 2028. 

Now the "Master Blaster" gave Richardson's plan his approval on Tuesday, January 22 by saying, "Being a cricketer, I will say that the game needs to be globalised, without any doubt."

The legendary batsman also intimated an insight from his meeting with IOC chief Thomas Bach during the Rio Games in 2016.

"I told him that I feel cricket should be included (in the Olympics). But also when cricket is included, one needs to give enough time for the rest of the teams to prepare," Tendulkar added. 

"He (Bach) was under the impression, five days how can we (have it over the five days)? No, now there are number of versions, cricket is one of those few sports where there are multiple versions — One Day, T20, T10."

"By the time they (IOC) introduce cricket in the Olympics, — it might be five overs or whatever. But I think, the game (cricket) should be there (in the Olympics), being a cricketer I would want that to happen. I am looking forward to it, without any doubt," he concluded. 

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By Kashish Chadha - 23 Jan, 2019

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