Hardik Pandya loses out on a big endorsement deal after Koffee with Karan controversy: Report

Pandya apologized for "Getting carried away" on the show.

Pandya along with his teammate KL Rahul appeared on Koffee with Karan show | Hotstar

Indian all-rounder Hardik Pandya has been all over the headlines ever since making misogynist and racist remarks on Karan Johar's talk show - Koffee with Karan and that really did not go well with the BCCI as they sent him a show-case notice on Wednesday.

Recently, Pandya along with his teammate KL Rahul appeared on the popular talk show, where the all-rounder was seen wearing his "I'm a womanizer" attitude like a badge on the national television.

However, the 25-year-old apologized for "Getting carried away" on the show, but fans and India cricket board (BCCI) are still not in the mood to consider his guilt, as the BCCI reportedly is thinking to suspend the all-rounder for his misconduct.

The BCCI might take strong action against Pandya as his revelations about his dating life were not only distasteful, but also problematic, as his misconduct might have a bad impact on the young generation as the young cricket fans look up to him for inspiration. 

While Pandya has not only vanished his respect and regard with his latest misdemeanor, but also, reportedly, the all-rounder has lost out a big endorsement deal following his foot-in-the-mouth comments on Johar's talk show.

It is learned that a fitness brand was keen on collaborating with Pandya, but it has all turned awry in the aftermath of the shit-storm. Now, time will tell what spin will the all-rounder and Indian Team put in place to earn back his respect and repair the damage done.

Recently, a senior BCCI official told Hindustan Times, “This attempt at an apology does in no way bring the issue to closure. This merely shows how lightly he takes the gravely serious issue of respecting women. His conduct was unacceptable. He needs to understand the impact the utterances of an international cricketer have in this country but more importantly, he needs to learn how to differentiate between the right and the wrong. Right now, he seems to merely respond to the outrage and not to his own thought process and conduct.”

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By Rashmi Nanda - 11 Jan, 2019

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