Sachin Tendulkar says India needs to become a sports playing nation

Tendulkar spoke about the importance of sports for our country.

Sachin Tendulkar | GETTY

Sports in India still don't get much recognition and most of the parents still consider it unproductive. Kids have to struggle to convince their parents if they are playing a sport other than cricket.

Parents believe sports doesn't have much scope in the future. That's one of the reasons why we have to go down to check our nation's name in Olympic medal tally. 

Former Indian cricketer Sachin Tendulkar addressed this issue recently. 

Sachin spoke about the importance of making India a sports playing nation. He inaugurated the ‘Sparking the Future’ initiative of DBS Bank at a TMC school in Mumbra area near Thane.

They have installed solar-powered floodlights in the ground under this initiative. It will help kids to play at night as well.

“….and I will give another message here, as I have been always saying that India has to be young and fit. We are a young (nation)…when you see the average age of the nations, India is called the youngest nation.

“But I don’t think that India is the fittest nation or the healthiest nation, because if that had been the case we wouldn’t have been the diabetes capital…we are the diabetic capital of the world, as far as obesity is concerned we are on the third number, so we need to change our lifestyle,” said Tendulkar.

Sachin said we need to transform ourselves from sports-loving nation to sports playing nation. While the love will still there, we just need to express it. 

“We are a sports-loving nation and it is important to become a sports-playing nation and for that if facilities like these come up, then (I will not only) tell kids (but also) tell parents to spend time with their kids and play, there will be a good relationship,” the cricketer added. 

Citing his own example, he advised the students to chase their dreams.

“I would tell the students to find out the areas of their passion. And like what I did, I chased my dreams and I will give you one advice: chase your dreams because dreams do come true,” he said.


By Sihyeu Singh - 03 Dec, 2018

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