How Virender Sehwag helped Armaan Jaffer recover from injury and gain back his mojo?

Struggling with confidence Jaffer didn't know how to approach his way out of the career threatning phase, before Viru stepped in.

Armaan struck a triple hundred on comeback during Mumbai's U-23 game versus Saurashtra | PTI

Having made a return to cricket with a bang scoring a triple hundred in the Under-23 CK Nayudu Trophy for Mumbai against Saurashtra after a 14-month layoff because of injury, 20-year-old Armaan Jaffer is extremely satisfied and over the moon but he didn't forget to thank Virender Sehwag for his immensely helpful guidance and mentorship during the tough times.

Despite coming through the scenes as another young sensation from the Mumbai school of batting, Jaffer lost a lot of his confidence after the injury. This is where the former Indian opening batsman stepped in and brought the right-hander's career back on track.

Sehwag, who arrived at the same hotel for promotion that Jaffer was staying in, had an accidental meeting with him, where Armaan said,  “I told him I suffered the injury while warming up for a Mumbai U-23 game,” and the kind and giving "Viru" replied, “Arre idhar kya kar raha hai (then what you doing here?) Go to NCA, the national cricket academy in Bangalore.”

The amazing Sehwag then called up NCA to inform them of Jaffer’s situation and asked to help him out, before calling PV Shetty, the joint-secretary of Mumbai Cricket Association, to ensure of Arman’s stay in Bangalore.

“I wasn’t expecting this from Viru bhai, I mean the way he showed concern left me speechless," he continued, "When you are injured nobody cares for you except few people. Unka badapan hai. (It shows his large-heartedness)," and affirmed, "Even before I had reached Viru bhai had called NCA twice asking ke whether I have reached there or not. Shetty sir helped me with accommodation and flight tickets.”

“He had told me to keep in touch and inform him once I started playing cricket. So, I just called him to say my thanks.”  

Armaan, who bounced back in style on Friday, November 16, worked under the care of NCA physio Aashish Kaushik, who carefully started his rehab.

Nephew of the veteran India batsman Wasim Jaffer, Armaan understands the pressure of expectations which naturally follow because of his sir name, but rather than going down under with its burden, he wants to shine through regardless.

He said, "Mere naam ke baad ‘Jaffer’ naam laga hai, so its natural people will high have high hopes from me. Everyone thinks I will also pile up big scores. There was pressure in the first game."  

"There is a difference in club cricket and this kind of cricket. And also, I had not great match practice behind me. First match we won, I scored 84. It gave me confidence but this innings has come at a right time,” and signed off.

(Inputs from Indian Express)


By Kashish Chadha - 17 Nov, 2018

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