Michael Clarke's pictures with his assistant upsets wife Kyly Clarke

A shirtless Clarke was spotted with Sasha Armstrong on yacht.

Kyly, Michael Clarke and their daughter | Instagram

Former Australian cricketer Michael Clarke was spotted with his assistant Sasha Armstrong which has not pleased his wife Kyly Clarke. A shirtless Michael was seen having a chat with Sasha who was in a bikini on a luxury yacht which made Kyly furious.

"Of course she's annoyed by the images. What woman wouldn't be?" one cricket insider tells Woman's Day.

Sasha is working with the cricketer for almost five years. She's now the executive director of his cricket academy.

Michael Clarke with his assistant Sasha | Matrix Pictures

"They have a very unorthodox relationship for a business situation," claims the insider. "When it comes to business, Michael often turns to Sasha before Kyly. He made a decision back in 2013 to self-manage himself, and we all had a chuckle when he hired this gorgeous leggy blonde as a PA – it would never happen in my house!"

The relationship of Kyly and Clarke isn't going well. Recently, she shared a telling comment on Instagram which read, "It's always the simplest things that mean the most and how you treat someone is what they remember." She added. "Show your love by uploading a post to the ones you love."

Kyly and Michael tied the knot in 2012 and were blessed with a daughter Kelsey-Lee in November 2015.


By Sihyeu Singh - 13 Nov, 2018

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